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Great Business Teams

Cracking the Code for Standout Performance

by Howard M. Guttman

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

In Great Business Teams, renowned business consultant Howard M. Guttman takes you inside some of the world's most successful corporations—Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Mars Incorporated, and L'Oréal, to name a few—to discover how a powerful new high-performance, horizontal organizational model has changed the way that leaders lead, team members function, challenges are met, and decisions are made.


Howard Guttman bases his keen insights on more than 25 years of work with major corporations. In Great Business Teams, you will meet 39 senior executives from 25 of these standout companies, whom he has interviewed in depth and whose performance he has tracked over time. This hands-on guide delivers all of the insights, techniques, and hard-won wisdom you need to create, operate, and sustain well-run and effective business teams that consistently achieve the highest levels of performance.

Follow Novartis Oncology's CEO and his action teams as they successfully neutralize a competitor's new product, which had been projected to grab 20-30% of market share. Learn how newly reorganized teams in Mars Inc.'s Latin American Division moved from double-digit losses to double-digit growth in a single year. These and many other tales from the trenches show you how to:

  • Ratchet up team performance to get stellar results year after year
  • Become a high-performance leader and motivate others to become high-performance players
  • Align teams to drive up performance
  • Redefine the concept of individual and team accountability
  • Develop the skills to make every team member a leader
  • Improve results through a new, "distributive decision-making" model
  • Create great teams throughout your organization

Read Great Business Teams, crack the code, and transform your organization into teams of dynamic, highly motivated top performers who are ready, willing, and able to respond to any business challenge. For more information, visit

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