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Leveraging Your Organization’s Leadership Talent

Leadership is a social phenomenon. It takes place within an organizational context. The Guttman Leadership Institute’s recognized expertise in leadership and organizational development ensures that you will quickly and effectively optimize your current leadership talent and build the bench strength needed to meet future challenges.

The Guttman Leadership Institute is assisted by the expertise of its allied company, Guttman Development Strategies, which for more than 30 years has guided thousands of senior executives as they went about building high-performance teams and organizations. 

The institute is staffed by the same senior consultants that have worked alongside these executives.  Within organizations, we work on site, at a venue of the organization’s choosing, or at our state-of-the-art learning center in Mt. Arlington, N.J.

We offer organizations a wide variety of leadership development options, including top-quality standard, tailored, or customized programs designed to meet the organization’s unique leadership needs.

The Guttman Leadership Institute is a woman-owned business that offers innovative development opportunities for senior-level executives seeking to realize their full leadership potential.

We have codified our leadership development approach into a proven four-step process that yields rapid results and enduring value:

To review the four-step process, click here.

Depending on need, we can deliver programs to individual leaders and their teams at a variety of touch points, including:

  • "open" in-company seminars
  • corporate universities
  • intact teams, such as senior business, cross-functional, product/market, and project teams.

Our programs can also be tailored to meet the needs of specific senior-level leaders within an organization:

  • C-suite executives
  • vice presidents and directors
  • senior managers preparing to assume expanded accountability

Learning formats vary from traditional in person settings to blended learning and virtual experiences.



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    Developing leadership capabilities among the ranks of senior executives and mid-tier managers is essential for the future growth and success of organizations, as these Guttman clients discovered

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