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Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness

About the Program

“Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness” is a breakthrough leadership development program that is based on Guttman’s years of experience working with generations of leaders in organizations of every size and type across the global landscape. We have structured an integrated, best-practices learning experience that features five core GDS leadership programs, upfront organization assessment to ensure relevance and cultural fit, and post-program performance measures. We then field-tested the program over many years.

The process begins with a needs assessment in which we probe the leadership-related issues confronting the organization, both currently and in the near future, the capabilities needed to achieve success, and the skill gaps and developmental priorities.

The findings allow Guttman consultants to tailor each building block—and to reconfigure the building blocks themselves—to meet specific organizational objectives.

Each of the five building blocks focuses on mastering a core team leadership capability: influencing—engaging others to move in the desired direction; conflict management—working through issues in a way that builds relationships and accelerates results; developing high-performance leaders—enabling leaders to assess the strengths of team members and vary their leadership behavior accordingly; leading high-performance teams—driving up results by structuring teams for high performance from day one. And, lastly, managing performance—enabling managers and employees to work together as partners to significantly raise productivity and business results.

While “Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness” offers a powerful leadership development experience when embedded directly into business units and operating groups, it is ideal for those corporate universities seeking to go beyond standard, ad hoc training programs to offer a more strategically focused, results-based approach to building the leadership capability of current and emerging leaders everywhere in an organization.

“Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness” consists of five, one-day programs, delivered at phased intervals over a six-month period:

  • Managing Conflict

  • Influencing Others for Results

  • Developing High-Performance Leaders

  • How to Lead Your Team

  • Managing Performance

After each building block is completed, participants return to the workplace with specific objectives and assignments intended to enrich their mastery of the subject matter and embed newly acquired capabilities into their leadership behavior. Pre- and post-program assessments monitor progress and behavior change.

Case Study:  Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness

Who Should Attend

Senior manager team leaders who are being prepared to assume team leadership responsibility

Learning Objectives

By the end of “Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness,” participants will have learned to:

  • Resolve conflict, whether in one-on-one interactions or in team settings

  • Improve their working relationships with colleagues throughout the organization

  • Identify their current influencing behavior, evaluate its costs/benefits, and develop a plan to significantly improve results when seeking to persuade others to act

  • Use their influencing capabilities to gain the agreement, cooperation, and support of others

  • Identify their preferred leadership behavior and adjust it to drive up the performance of the individual members of their team

  • How to lead successfully from Day One: structure the team correctly, create a team identity, establish relationships, protocols, etc.

  • What performance management is and how it differs from performance evaluation

  • How to write performance goals that clearly define results and can be measured objectively

  • Participate in mutually effective performance discussions at every phase of performance management

Learning Format

Concept briefings, case studies, role plays, experiential exercises, and structured application to ensure the transfer of capabilities to the job.

Program Duration

A total of five days, at intervals to be determined by the client



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