Leadership Effectiveness Acceleration Program for Women (LEAP for Women)

Leadership Effectiveness Acceleration Program for Women (LEAP for Women)

Leadership Effectiveness Acceleration Program for Women (LEAP for Women) is designed exclusively for senior-level women leaders. It provides a unique, supportive learning community in which successful women leaders can sharpen their strategic, operational and interpersonal leadership capabilities, learn from experienced consultant-facilitators, as well as from other participants, and bridge the learning/doing gap through structured interim assignments, one-on-one coaching, and structured sponsorship and mentoring.

This in-depth development experience combines ongoing assessments; hands-on learning, led by senior experts, during and in between sessions; peer-to-peer interaction; structured in-company mentoring; and individual coaching.

Like the LEAP Program for men and women, LEAP for Women provides deep grounding for advanced leaders covering three core areas: strategic decision making, team and organization development, and interpersonal dynamics.

You will complete the program better equipped to meet the complex set of demands facing today’s executives and overcome the unique challenges facing senior-level women leaders.


Each program is limited to 12 senior-level women leaders who meet three times during the program year.

To qualify for this program, participants must:

  • be a senior level woman leader
  • be nominated by their organization
  • have the support of their organization for structured sponsorship and coaching
  • have the time to participate in each of the three modules and complete interim application assignments
  • participate in each of the three leadership development modules and complete interim assignments

The curriculum begins with “you” as a leader: Where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you want to go. Participants will assess their leadership behavior, identifying both strengths and areas for improvement. This creates a development roadmap for participants and our facilitators.

The GLI Leadership Effectiveness Acceleration Program for Women is divided into three leadership development modules:

Module 1: Developing Your Leadership Brand, Leveraging Your Influence and Managing Conflict
Module 2: Leading Your Team for High-Performance
Module 3: Making Strategic Decisions

Following each Module, participants return to their organizations guided by specific objectives and assignments intended to reinforce and extend their learning; ongoing assessments will monitor progress.

In addition, LEAP for Women provides: a structured mentoring program with on-site support; a world-class GDS leadership coach; ongoing research-based insights into women’s leadership issues and trends; and access to the network of peers with whom to exchange ideas and experiences.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of LEAP for Women, participants will have learned to:

  • Build a powerful leadership brand that commands respect

  • Succeed in today’s fast-changing, matrixed global organizations

  • Master the Guttman Leader-Player model, measure their leadership behavior against the requirements of the model, and adjust their leadership behavior to real time leadership situations

  • Assess their ability to coach; learn and practice leader/coaching skills

  • Build high-performing, horizontal teams of leader-players

  • Exert influence, especially in situations where there is no direct authority

  • Ask penetrating strategic questions, formulate strategy, and make more effective day-to-day decisions

  • Leverage network opportunities within the organization

  • Surmount the barriers to achieving full leadership potential

Learning Format:

Assessments, concept briefings, case studies, role plays, experiential exercises, structured application and tracking, with on-site coaching and mentorship/sponsorship development

Program Duration:

A total of 8 days, excluding interim application assignments and coaching, held in two, three-day modules and one, two-day module during the program year

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