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Managing Change

About the Program

Change is about going from here to there. Sounds easy, but navigating the space between the two is rarely simple.

“Managing Change” provides the road map you need to cross the challenging terrain that lies between the current situation and the desired future.

Change can be disorienting, especially when it is poorly communicated and not understood. This program provides the key questions that participants need to ask to gain clarity and demonstrates how to integrate the answers into a purposive way forward to “there.” The discussion emphasizes both the organizational and personal preconditions for success in managing change.

Change begins with the individual. People typically go through a number of transitional phases as they are faced with both an ending and a new beginning: the four “Ds”—disorientation, disidentification, disengagement, and disenchantment. During the program, participants complete a self-assessment exercise to determine which phase they are in and how they can move beyond the “Ds” to align with and even embrace change. They also assess which of the Nine Key Competencies for Dealing with Change they already possess and which they need to acquire. The program zeros in on the causes of change resistance and outlines individual, team, and organizational strategies for dealing with them.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is either going through or is responsible for facilitating organization change will benefit from this program. Both managers and individual contributors will benefit from this program, but participants in each session should not come from widely separated organization levels. This program is also recommended for intact teams and entire departments that are facing or charged with implementing change.

Learning Objectives

After attending “Managing Change,” participants will have:

  • Become aware of the wide spectrum of reactions generated by change

  • Learned the Nine Key Competencies for dealing with change, measured their personal competency against these, and developed personal plans to close the gaps

  • Identified the beliefs and practices that create individual and organizational resistance

  • Explored capabilities and strategies to overcome that resistance

  • Examined their own role in facilitating team and organizational change

  • Achieved a level of understanding and expertise regarding stewarding change within their organization

  • Created action plans for managing individual transitions and building organizational support for change

Learning Format

Concept briefings, role plays, practice, and structured application to ensure the transfer of capabilities to the job

Program Duration

One day - on-site or virtual

Note: Depending on client needs, this program can be expanded to two or more days to include coaching to prepare for a specific, major organization change.

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