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Managing Conflict/Influencing

Managing Conflict/Influencing Others for Results


About the Program

In today’s organizations, most work gets done by cross-functional teams. Leaders and members of high-performance teams need a new set of conflict management and influencing skills to succeed in this new work environment.

Based on more than 30 years of experience managing conflict at all organizational levels, this program presents a powerful and unique process that enables participants to constructively deal with both interpersonal conflict—whether one on one or in teams—and with organizational conflict—whether rooted in culture, processes, or structure.

The ability to influence others up, down, and across the organization is also essential for success in today’s organizations. Influencing others is a learnable capability, which can be acquired through the mastery of a systematic process, which is what this program transfers. You’ll learn a step-by-step approach for sizing up situations and people, employing the right influencing strategy to excel, and persuading and engaging others, while maintaining solid interpersonal relationships.

Case Study:  Managing Conflict/Influencing - Campbell Soup
Case Study:  Managing Conflict/Influencing - Ricola USA

Who Should Attend

Managers and individual contributors, along with leaders and members of teams, will profit from this program. It will be especially helpful to those currently working in environments where conflict is not dealt with openly and honestly, or where performance depends on working through others to get things done.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this program, participants will have learned how to:

  • Resolve conflict, whether in one-on-one interactions or in team settings

  • Assess organizational “hot spots,” where conflict is likely to occur, and plan corrective action

  • Negotiate artfully to resolve core differences and solve interpersonal problems

  • Listen more effectively and assert themselves without impairing business relationships

  • Improve their working relationships with colleagues throughout the organization

  • Identify their current influencing behavior, evaluate its costs/benefits, and develop a plan to significantly improve results when seeking to persuade others to act

  • Use their influencing capabilities to gain the agreement, cooperation, and support of others, including how to:

  • “Read” situational cues

  • Listen intently and actively

  • Identify—and change—their position on the “Assertion Continuum”

  • Set boundaries

  • Effectively “push back”

  • Question without interrogating

Learning Format

Concept briefings, role plays, experiential exercises, practice, and structured application to ensure the transfer of capabilities to the job

Program Duration

Two days - on-site or virtual

Note: This two-day program is also offered as two single-day programs, one on Managing Conflict and the other on Influencing Others for Results.

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