Effective Decision Making

Effective Decision Making

About the Program

Decision making: These two words are among the most important in the leadership lexicon. Bad decisions cast a shadow over organizations and those that run them. Effective decisions move an organization forward, create opportunities and growth, and are at the heart of high-performance leadership.

“Effective Decision Making” is a rigorously “how-to” learning experience that enables participants to master the decision-making fundamentals. Participants are introduced to the Guttman seven-step process for making decisions, practice the process on case studies, and then apply it to “live” decisions that they are currently making or recommending.

In an age of data overload and increasing complexity, having a common, step-by-step process for organizing information; asking all the key questions; and assessing outcomes, alternatives, and risks is essential. Participants come away with a common language and systematic approach to decision making, including how to identify desired outcomes, generate and assess possible alternatives given those outcomes, and then consider potential risks—the latter step being the most frequently overlooked aspect of decision making.

“Effective Decision Making” goes beyond how to “make” decisions per se and transfers the Guttman Decision Protocol for Implementation, which includes issue identification and prioritization, determining levels of decision-making involvement, and selecting the best decision-making mode: unilateral, consensus, or consultative.

Who Should Attend

This program is recommended for any individual or team—whether the team is traditional or virtual—responsible for making or recommending decisions, including mid- and upper-level managers, and senior leaders. We recommend that participants with similar levels of responsibility attend sessions together.

Learning Objectives

  • Improve decision-making capability through mastery of the GDS decision-making process
  • Learn how to ask the right decision-making questions, organize and assess relevant information, and involve others in the decision-making process
  • Provide a common language and approach to make or recommend decisions within a team and communicate those decisions to others in the organization
  • Identify key decision issues, set priorities, and assign accountability for action
  • Practice the decision-making process and apply it to real-time decisions

Learning Format

Concept briefings, case studies, idea exchange, and application

Program Duration

One day - on-site or virtual

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Course Format

  • Seminar


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