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Coaching For High Performance

About the Program

For managers, one of the most difficult challenges is resolving “people problems,” especially when a direct report’s performance is off the mark. The search for cause often devolves into pointing a finger at the employee; rarely does the manager hold up the mirror to reflect on his or her own performance or to look for causes of underperformance that lie in the work environment.

This session introduces participants to a systematic process for finding the causes of performance deviations and planning for corrective action. For performance issues that require employees to change their behavior, managers will gain the coaching skills needed to become adept at having difficult conversations with employees.

This highly interactive session combines concept briefings, practical exercises, and hands-on application. Participants will come away able to coach effectively; contract with employees for creating goals and changing behavior; and, when needed, involve HR in the process.

Who Should Attend

Any individual responsible for supervising the performance of others, whether on a permanent or project basis.

Learning Objectives

By the end of “Coaching for High Performance,” participants will have learned how to:

  • Use Guttman’s “Performance-Analysis Tool” to find the true cause of performance deviations

  • Identify and eliminate environmental factors that are impeding the achievement of performance goals

  • Write SMART goals for those they supervise

  • Give and receive clear, specific, depersonalized feedback

  • Use the Guttman Coaching Model to carry out a constructive dialogue with employees

  • Determine next steps in moving toward higher on-job performance

Learning Format

Concept briefings, role plays, practice, and structured application to ensure the transfer of capabilities to the job.

Program Duration

One day - on-site or virtual

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Course Format

  • Seminar

Experience Level

C-Suite Executives

Vice President


Senior Managers

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