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About the Program

Flawless project implementation. It’s a tough challenge, given the need to work across national boundaries and functions and under severe time and budget constraints. In today’s business world, there is no safety net. Projects must be delivered on time, on budget, and on goal, every time.  “High-Performance Project Implementation” prepares leaders and members of project teams to achieve those results.

Our approach aligns and develops the three foundational elements required for flawless project implementation: project leadership, team behaviors, and project processes and capabilities.

We go well beyond one-dimensional interventions that focus either on capabilities or tools or processes. As a result, leaders and players can transform their project teams into high-performing entities that routinely exceed expectations.

“High-Performance Project Implementation” is rigorously results focused. Project management is not a result; it is a process. We prefer to keep the focus on implementation, which is a result.

During the program, participants begin to work on actual projects: setting project objectives, developing working project plans and schedules, delineating responsibilities, creating protocols for team issue resolution and team behavior, and acquiring the capabilities they will need to continue implementation back on the job.

Case Study:  High-Performance Project Implementation

Who Should Attend

Leaders and members of project teams, either individually or together

Learning Objectives

By the end of “High-Performance Project Implementation,” participants will have:

  • Learned the “Eight Absolutes of Project Implementation”

  • Learned the distinct characteristics of a high-performing project team

  • Become familiar with a proven process for improving the success rate of projects

  • Set project objectives, developed a project plan and schedule for a project on which they are currently working

  • Recognized the importance of and begun drafting team protocols for issue resolution, decision making, and team behavior

  • Been introduced to a number of tools that will significantly increase the chances that their project will meet or exceed expectations

  • Planned the next steps they will take back on the job

Learning Format

Concept briefings and application of the concepts to participants’ projects

Program Duration

Two days. Depending on client need, post-program coaching can be provided to intact teams after they return to the job.

Note: Guttman also offers consulting services designed to improve a team’s performance on a current projects. Our “Real-Time Project Implementation” approach includes four-phases of services that can be applied as an integrated whole or as discrete interventions, depending on organizational objectives and needs.

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