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About the Program

In a world where change is the new normal, strategy is more important than ever. It provides a compass point for making the key product-, market-, and resource-allocation decisions that drive the business.

In “Strategy Formulation and Implementation,” participants will be introduced to Guttman’s disciplined process for setting strategy—whether for the enterprise, business units, or functions—and linking it to business operations.

By the end of the session, participants will have a solid grasp of what strategy is and what constitutes the key elements of a strategic framework. This will enable them to set strategy fully confident that they have touched all the bases.

Strategy is first about taking stock. Participants will learn how to conduct a thorough Situation Appraisal of the current product and market landscape, the competitive picture, internal strengths and vulnerabilities, and potential external threats and opportunities. They will come away from the session knowing how to establish a solid baseline for setting strategy. Armed with this information, the session moves to a discussion of how to develop a clear, specific strategic vision. Participants will learn the key questions to ask to set strategy, how to establish competitive differentiation, and how to go about making the best choices for optimizing scarce resources.

Strategy is also about making key choices relating to produces, markets, key capabilities and financial expectations. This session provides a disciplined, step-by-step process for making key decisions, including a consideration of risk factors. In addition, participants learn how to structure the involvement of others to ensure maximum commitment.

For strategy to be effective, it must be implemented. What key elements must be in place for strategy to take hold? What are the key alignment levers that drive implantation? What are the implications of alternative strategies on organizational structure, processes, capabilities, and culture? And how best to identify the barriers to success? “Strategy Formulation and Implementation” provides guidance for answering these questions.

A key objective for the session is to have participants develop a first-draft strategic plan for setting strategy, whether at corporate, business unit, or functional levels.

Who Should Attend

Any individual or team involved in formulating strategy for his or her business unit, whether at the corporate, divisional, or departmental level.

Learning Objectives

After attending “Strategy Formulation and Implementation,” participants will have:

  • A firm understanding of the core elements of a strategic framework

  • Learned the basics of the Guttman strategy formulation and implementation process and begun to apply it to their own situation

  • Learned how to identify the key strategic choices for developing a clear, specific strategy

  • Identified potential problems that could stand in the way of successful implementation

Learning Format

Concept briefings, case studies, application

Program Duration

Two days

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