Case Studies/Clients

Case Studies/Clients

Actions speak louder than words.  And actions that produce lasting results speak loudest of all. 

The Guttman legacy is one of a consistent pattern of achieving ongoing results in developing leaders in organizations. 

We include here a few of the client case studies that outline our approach in working with leaders across industries and geographic boundaries, along with the results we have helped them achieve.  Results-based leadership capability development is our promise.  Here are examples of how we deliver.

Case Studies

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  • Case: Institute of Higher Learning

    A 7,000+-student institution of higher learning that uniquely specializes in the health sciences grounded in liberal arts. ... more

  • CASE: Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness

    A global pharmaceutical company’s U.S. business had been growing organically for a number of years. Dealing with rapid growth hadn’t left senior management much  . . .... more

  • CASE: Developing High-Performance Leaders

    Developing leadership capabilities among the ranks of senior executives and mid-tier managers is essential for the future growth and success of organizations, as these Guttman clients discovered... more

  • CASE: High-Performance Project Implementation

    The VP of R & D of a West Coast information technology company was increasingly concerned about the inability of project teams to deliver projects on time and goal. Highly technical team members were experts in... more

  • CASE: Leadership Excellence

    Several years ago, senior management at a Northeastern financial services firm conducted an employee-engagement survey. Responses revealed that the level below officer—directors and... more

  • CASE: Managing Conflict/Influencing

    These skills are of paramount importance in today's highly complex, matrixed, and global enterprises, which makes our programs in these areas among our most popular  . . .... more

  • CASE: Optimizing Your Performance Management System

    A few years ago, a worldwide shipping company needed to reevaluate its performance management system. After several profitable years, employees had come to expect year-end bonuses based on their . . .... more

  • CASE: Organizational Influence

    In decentralized organizations, work doesn’t get done so much through executives’ power as managers as through their power as people. In such an environment, the ability to influence others is a... more

  • CASE: Win-Win Negotiation

    One manufacturer of electronic components sought to break the cycle of its contentious, acrimonious, “win-lose” negotiating sessions with a major supplier. Both sides’ focus on “CYA” had led to broken promises,... more

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