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Coach Yourself To Win:

"[A] forceful seven-step self improvement process that can be used by anyone interested in taking up their game, whether on the job or in their life." 

Marshall Goldsmith, Author of the New York Times bestseller MOGO

Coach Yourself to Win - Individual

Coach Yourself to Win

About the Program

The “Coach Yourself to Win” program is designed to help senior leaders throughout an organization develop to their full potential by providing them with the capabilities needed to take responsibility for their own growth and development. As organizations attempt to green the next generation of leaders in a time of significant constraints, this program equips future leaders to take command of their own careers and develops bench strength throughout the organization.

Guttman’s self-coaching approach gives organizations the capability to continuously develop talent, while setting the organization up to win big in the future. A self-coaching program is a cost-effective way to develop talent. 

Participants will be introduced to Guttman’s dynamic 7-step self-coaching process. They will learn and apply each step, from determining their self-coachability to setting their Intention, from soliciting and analyzing feedback to developing an action plan and tracking progress. This will provide them a clear, proven pathway to personal and professional success.

Based on the executive-coaching model that Guttman has used with senior managers for more than 30 years, the process has been adapted for use by anyone who wants to take his or her career to the next level.  The self-coaching process is featured in the book, Coach Yourself to Win, by Howard M. Guttman.

Who Should Attend

Individuals or managers who would like to improve their on-job performance or advance their career.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this program, participants will have: 

  • Determined whether or not they are self-coachable

  • Clarified, set, and committed to a realistic Intention related to increasing their impact organizationally

  • Examined and shifted the “stories” that have kept them from realizing their full potential as business leaders

  • Selected a Guide and Circle of Support to assist them in achieving their goal

  • Employed specialized tools to gather and analyze feedback on their current performance

  • Created a Personal Development Plan based on the feedback

  • Learned how to monitor progress as their move toward their goal and get back on track if they derail

Learning Format

Concept briefings, self-evaluation, and peer-to-peer exchange and feedback

Program Duration

Two days






Course Date/Cost

(2) days 

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Course Format

  • Seminar

Experience Level

Senior Manager




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