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Developing High-Performance Leaders

About the Program

Leaders are paid to get results through others. But how can a leader ensure that his or her direct reports are willing and able to give their best? Faced with greater-than-ever workplace diversity—age, gender, race, values, and much more—today’s successful leaders have learned to adjust their behavior to elicit the best performance from everyone around them. They are “player centered,” zeroing in on each member of their team to determine which leadership behavior works best, with which individuals, and varying their interactions accordingly.

This program presents an in-depth discussion of the four basic leadership behaviors: prescribing/directing, coaching/instructing, collaborating/partnering, and inspiring/empowering.

Participants will assess their leadership behavior, identifying which behavior comes most naturally to them and probing the reasons why that choice may not be optimal in every situation. They will learn how to use the “Leader/Player Wheel”: a dynamic model that enables leaders to effectively diagnose the needs of their players and then adjust their leadership behavior accordingly.

Case Study: Developing High-Performance Leaders

Who Should Attend

Senior-level managers who are responsible for developing the individual and team talent that reports to them.

Learning Objectives

By the end of “Developing High-Performance Leaders,” participants will have:

  • Become aware of the various leadership behaviors available to them and identified their preferred behavior

  • Learned how to assess the levels of readiness/engagement/skill of each person who reports to them

  • Recognized which leadership behavior is most effective with each level of engagement/skill

  • Learned how to adjust their behavior to drive up the performance of individuals at each level

Learning Format

Concept briefings, role plays, practice, and structured application to ensure transfer of capabilities to the job

Program Duration

Two days




Course Date/Cost

(2) days 

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  • Seminar

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Senior Manager


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