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Leadership at the Top

Leadership at the Top is an integrated, 360-degree program designed to equip senior-level leaders with the full range of strategic, operational, and interpersonal capabilities needed to show up powerfully and excel in today’s organizations.

To compete effectively at senior levels, leaders must be able to think incisively about their organization’s future direction: to ask the tough questions and understand how strategy drives operational planning and decision making. They must be fully evolved, high-performing players able to build high-performing teams, and they must possess the savvy and interpersonal skills to shape and influence outcomes across organizational boundaries, especially in highly matrixed environments.

Mastering the full range of these capabilities cannot be done in a single session or with an ad hoc selection of program offerings. For this reason, we offer a 12-month career-building experience that features a carefully designed curriculum.

This in-depth development combines ongoing assessment of each participant’s leadership behavior and progress, hands-on learning led by  expert facilitators, peer-to-peer interaction and cross-fertilization of ideas and experiences, and optional one-on-one coaching.

Each workshop is limited to 12 participants who meet in two-day sessions, four times during the program year.

To qualify for Leadership at the Top, participants must be in a senior leadership position. They must also have time to participant in all four quadrants of the program.

The curriculum begins with an assessment of participants’ leadership behavior, including both strengths and areas for improvement. Prior to the first session, those attending the program will be asked to complete a leadership inventory, which has been designed specifically for senior-level leaders. This instrument enables participants to accurately profile their leadership skills/behavior and provides essential guidance for program facilitators, ensuring that program content meets participants’ needs.

Leadership at the Top is divided into four quadrants:

  Quadrant 1:  Leading for High Performance
  Quadrant 2:  Leading High-Performance Teams
  Quadrant 3:  Leading by Influencing Across Your Organization
  Quadrant 4:  Leading Strategically

Following each Quadrant, participants return to their organizations guided by specific objectives and assignments intended to reinforce and extend their learning; ongoing assessments will monitor progress.  Coaching and consulting support is provided through the Guttman Leadership Institute to work individually and organizationally to enhance continuous learning and development.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of Leadership at the Top, participants will have learned to:

  • Take stock of their leadership strengths/areas for improvement and strengthen their ability to lead up, down and across their organization

  • Master the Guttman Leader-Player model, measure their leadership behavior against the requirements of the model, and apply the model to real-time leadership issues

  • Lead horizontally, across functions and within complex matrixed structures

  • Acquire leadership coaching skills through concept briefings and hands-on practice

  • Create teams of leaders within key intact and issue-specific teams

  • Influence outcomes, especially in situations where there is no direct authority

  • Formulate strategy, review the strategic plans of others, and make more effective day-to-day decisions.

Learning Format:

Ongoing assessments, concept briefings, case studies, role plays, experiential exercises, structured application and tracking, with optional on-site coaching and consulting support.

Program Duration:

A total of 8 days, excluding interim application assignments and  coaching, at two-day intervals held once per business quarter

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